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    Case Study: Child Exploitation

    Children worldwide are facing threats on a daily basis and a large portion of these threats are uncontrollable and have to be endured by these underage individuals. These threats are caused by geographical location, social status, governmental policies, environmental setting, etc and can be classified through the degree of severity as well as the level of control the individual has over said threat.

    The Complexities of Love

    Love has been one of the most complex terminologies to define. For centuries, philosophers have tried to study and understand this feeling to truly recognize the reason we love. Why has love become such an integral part of our lives and is this emotion truly valid or merely a figment of our imagination?

    The Science Behind OnlyFans

    There has been a huge surge in popularity when it comes to one particular platform on the internet and that platform is none other than OnlyFans. Many people ask the question as to how and why did the platform become so popular in such a short amount of time? There has to be some science or psychological reasoning that is the driving force behind such an outlandish concept that seems to appeal to the masses.

    Casual Sex Culture

    In the world of today many things have changed. What was once considered sacred in the past is now considered normal. The world we live in today has exponentially progressed into a whole new lifestyle. Sex was once taboo and very few people talked about it but today it is normalized