Students Working Part Time

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    Given the current economical state of the world, it comes as no surprise that many students today hold part time jobs while studying in order to financially support themselves. Students today tend to be financially independent at the age of 18 as it has become a societal norm and an unwritten rule for those who seek success. Holding a part time job while studying requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline which is a lacking trait in the youth and in most cases a skill that we tend to pick up with years of maturity.

    Do It

    Working part time as a student may just be the perfect move as it will help in the long run. Getting work experience early on can be seen as an investment for many if done the right way. The proof is in the pudding considering the fact that a huge amount of students are able to cope with both their education as well as their work life. Working as a student isn’t necessarily their first choice as they would much rather be doing something else but in some households this may be requirement for children to start being financially independent at a certain age.

    Long Term Investment


    For many the main struggle to get into the workforce is working experience. For those who study for long periods of time, they are only capable of gaining the theoretical aspect rather than the practical workload. Those who get into the working culture early tend to be more prepared as they know what to expect in the new environment. The more years you have under your belt, the higher the chances of being employed in a Fortune 500 company. This applies to students who end up choosing part time jobs that are in fact related to their field of studies.

    Its also an investment when it comes to financial stability in the future. Those who start working at a younger age are able to accumulate more wealth over time and allow for their capital to grow over time. Its a smart move to start earning early and retire young rather than have fun spending money at a young age. Starting off early also introduces students to the real world by unveiling a sort of innocence having been thrown into the corporate world. This provides more time to adapt to the situation and shorten the overall learning curve.

    The element of surprise also goes away when students graduate and are forced into the workforce as those who had worked part time know what to expect. They are more seasoned are likely to move up the ranks quicker due to a higher level of maturity and adaptability. First impressions mean everything and those who are able to captivate early on will assert their dominance in the company at an early age.



    Studying shouldn’t be everything as there are other aspects of life that should be explored as well. Working may be seen as a distraction but this doesn’t mean it is a bad thing. Sometimes there should be a buffer when we do something for long periods of time and in this case it would be studying. Work can be seen as a way to divert our thoughts away and focus on something new allowing us to diversify our thought process and present new ways of thinking. Having two different outlets is always a good thing as it can be seen as backup or a lifeline during the tough times in life.

    Having something to fall back on is crucial as it not only provides a sense of hope but also prevents an impending sense of doom if we are ever stuck in a certain situation. Students should have this extra outlet to experiment and gain new experiences that will ultimately prove useful as there is no such thing as a useless skill. Being able to master multiple skills at a young age is key to get in at top positions when it comes to the corporate world. Those who have more than just the academic requirement will always have the upper hand in the real world.



    Working as a college student is the perfect example of optimizing every opportunity life throws your way. It represents what can be achieved by those who actively seek out new ways to monetize different points of their life. Working and studying can be seen as two different entities and they don’t have to overlap so long as the individual has identified those two aspects of life as standalone ventures. Rather than doing things that may not garner any benefits, working is a means of paying of the bills or saving up for a retirement fund. There is an obvious incentive to working part time and so it is clearly an optimization of time.

    Besides optimizing time, working part time as a student is also a way to make full use of current skill sets and overall working ability. The early ages in life are seen to be the most important times as the individual is physically competent and able to cope with large amounts of stress. Mental capabilities is also much stronger, acting as a means to really push beyond what may be seen as a normal threshold. The fastest way to progress is starting off early but obviously they are many sacrifices that have to be made in order to achieve a comfortable future. Many of those sacrifices involve giving up some of the best aspects of being a college student.

    Don’t Do It

    Statistically, over 50% of college students hold part time jobs as of 2019 and the numbers have only increased since, with many students having to work multiple odd jobs just to pay for college tuition. A huge portion of high school students also pick up a part time job during their senior year of high school as a means to reduce financial burden for their parents to pay for admission fees as well as support their somewhat lavish spending. Regardless of the benefits, it is obvious that holding a part time job while studying will somehow or rather disrupt a student’s studies.

    Studying is A Full Time Job


    The main premise of school or college is to obtain an education and the primary means of doing so is by studying. In some regards, being a student is a full-time job and an academic career should be taken just as seriously as a professional career. Holding a job while studying may hold financial benefits but the academical impacts far outweighs those benefits. Students have to recognize the cost to benefit ratio when it comes to this issue as the outcome of this decision will have long term effects in their lives.

    The pursuit of academics requires unnerving attention if a student hopes to accomplish success beyond what is the minimum requirement. It is likely for a student to graduate by barely scraping the borderline requirements but this should not be the goal that is set. If students take a more calculated approach when it comes to academics, they are able to view their time in college or high school as an investment.

    This will allow them to earn tenfold of what a part time job pays by merely putting in their full attention span towards studies. The payoff is much higher at the end of the day and the longevity of that payoff is also better in comparison to a couple of years with extra pocket money.

    Falling Behind


    Besides, time management is key when is comes to being a student as there are multiple aspects in order to achieve a coherent education. A student also has other obligations besides the traditional means of studies thus they must be able to segregate time for discussions, practical education as well as time for mental wellbeing. With the addition of a part time job, comes along added responsibilities that in most cases will not have a seamless integration with the existing lifestyle of a student.

    Taking on this burden will reduce the overall time spent for studies and increase the time spent dabbling in the workforce. Time is not something that we can work around as there is only a set number of hours in a day and there is only so much that can be achieved within that timeframe. Those who are willing to take a bet against time are not only foolish but also naïve enough to risk their future on something that is so complex and powerful.

    Students should value their time beyond a monetary concept and see past the idea of earning minimum wage as time is worth far more than money. Students should instead use their time wisely and make the most out of their education by implementing new ways to elevate their academic careers.

    Tricked by an Illusion


    Many may argue that the only way to attain an education is by holding a part time job in order to pay off the bills. This is an illusion that is created by those who seek an escape from studies as there is always an option to take up a loan or financial aid. Having to work in order to pay for an education is a losing system on both sides. For one the money generated is being used to pay for an education that is receiving minimal care from the student. There is no full initiative on either side and thus there will be no ultimate win for both ends.

    It is much more practical to focus on one goal rather than throwing multiple darts blindly and seeing which one sticks. Being focused in studying may also lead to a fully paid scholarship at the end of the day which is equivalent to being paid for studying. This is the most optimal outcome and students should be working towards this goal rather than seeking for a part time job in an industry that will prove useless in the long run for their professional career.

    Many students are blinded by the short-term benefits of a job but they fail to evaluate the overall effects of the job on their day to day life as a student. If an individual seeks an education then the primary goal should be focusing on their studies and the only way to do so is by avoiding these distractions that promise benefits when in reality, they only bring problems.

    Think About It


    Overall, holding a part time job disrupts a student’s studies and thus students should be more knowledgeable before getting tied up in the workforce at the wrong age. There is a right time for everything and those who hope to skip a few steps in the process only end up losing in the long run. It is smart to focus on one goal at a time and pursue that goal to the highest point in order to reap its benefits but for others diversifying at a young age may he seen as the right move.

    A part time job may be the easiest solution for the problem but it is always smarter to evaluate alternative options rather than being head strong on an idea. Many students jump into the deep end not knowing the whole story, so research is key when it comes to getting a part time job as a student. The student should evaluate the pros and cons with an unbiased view and truly come to a conclusion whether or not they are able to take up a part time job and cope with the consequences of it.

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