Mental Health of Students

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    Mental health is something that many people struggle to cope with due to its complexities but it should be something that we take more seriously. Every year the suicide rate is constantly rising and the main group that is being affected tends to be teens or college students. The issue of mental health among students should be viewed in more if this issue is to be curbed before it’s too late.

    Students need to take charge of their emotions and acknowledge the struggles they may be facing mentally at a very early stage. The key to management is the ability to acknowledge a problem and analytically solve it before it gets out of hand. This is something most students fail to do as they end up living in denial and boxing up their emotions to avoid showing vulnerability. Diagnosing your mental state at a young age is key towards having a brighter future as a decluttered mind allows for a more mindful approach when tackling a situation or problem.

    Communication is Key

    Mental health

    A way students can take care of their mental health is by surrounding themselves with people they feel comfortable with and having regular chats about their day to day lives. This method allows students to break emotional barriers and form meaningful connections which is a psychological need for humans that is unfortunately neglected in most cases due to a lack of trust as well as the constant need to cater towards a busy lifestyle. Students can also seek professional help from counselors or certified therapists in order to dive deeper into the depths of the mind and tackle the underlying issues that they may face but in fact have chosen to ignore over the years.

    Students should also take a step back from their busy lives and make a coherent evaluation of their current standing and relationships to ensure that they aren’t being forced into unwanted friendships or playing a part to be liked amongst others. Students in most cases seek social validation and this takes a toll on their mental health due to the fact that the constant need to please others and form a social presence is exhausting in most cases. Students should stop playing a role that does not represent their core principles merely to fit in and start embracing their individuality. It’s not a bad thing to stick out in society in a positive manner, students don’t have to cater towards what the general public expect and meet this imaginary benchmark as it is a proven fact of life that no two people are alike.

    Beyond the Books

    Mental health

    Another way students can acknowledge their mental health and tackle this ever growing form of health is by keeping their mind active. This can be done by being more involved in associations and NGOs that may be in line with interests as well as serve a larger purpose. It is important to realize that a proven way for students to maintain a healthy mind is by being social and participating in organizations on campus as this will help the mind recognize these creative outlets as coping mechanisms. Loneliness is a killer when it comes to mental health and thus students should always find ways that will allow the mind to generate creative juices and form a purpose when living a day to day life.

    Identifying a purpose is often overlooked amongst students as they tend to set their entire existence to revolve around education when in reality life is so much more than that. Creating this limiting factor is what in most cases results students to end up having a mental breakdown due to the fact that their existence is valued by a college degree. This is why its important to build a balanced lifestyle that incorporates a multitude of aspects so there will always be a motivational factor on a daily basis and this also helps in adding value to a student’s overall mental wellbeing.

    Live Healthy

    Mental Health

    Students may also take care of their mental health by practicing an overall healthy lifestyle that strays away from consumption of substances such as alcohol and drugs which end up acting as a numbing factor rather than a long term solution for problems. Healthy foods such as salmon, fruits and vegetables that are high in omega-3 fatty acids act in a manner that benefits the neurons of the brain as well as helps the overall body function to allow for a well balanced lifestyle. Getting enough sleep is also an extremely important thing that up to 60% of all college students tend to neglect in the name of studying for assignments and exams. Sleep deprivation leads to anxiety and often times hallucinations which are early signs of depression. Sleep is the main source of energy for the mind and taking way that primary source will only result in negative effects down the road.

    Statistically one of the main reasons the mental health of students are exponentially deteriorating over the years is due to the unrealistic goals they have set for themselves. In most cases students aim to be the best in a given field and this is a very positive attitude to uphold when it comes to pursuing a goal but this thought process can be dangerous for some. In the event the goal is not reached, students tend to react by pushing themselves even harder and sometimes pushing themselves beyond repair. Reason being is that the people around them have already set ungodly standards and anything subpar is seen as a disgrace.

    Equally Unique

    Mental health

    Students that don’t meet the goals but end up falling short don’t even get validation for their work at all as only the best is awarded in society and this has ultimately taken a toll on the new generation of students who are fighting for the top spot regardless of their individual capabilities. Students should break this mindset and set realistic goals for themselves to keep them motivated to do even better progressively rather than trying to accomplish a huge jump. Self criticism only holds a value if it is in moderation but punishing yourself for being an incompetent student isn’t self motivation but instead merely self inflicted harm.

    Students need to start taking the issue of mental health seriously and put into practice some of these tips on emotion management as well as ways to improve mental health as there is NO HEALTH without MENTAL HEALTH!

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