Living Life on Repeat

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    We live our life in an endless loop as humans in general are creatures of habit. Living life on repeat isn’t such a bad things for those who enjoy it but for others it may be seen as a punishment. For most individuals living life based of a routine isn’t by choice but instead we do it for the sake of making ends meet or due to the fact that we carry some form of responsibility. Others are just to scared to face a world with endless possibilities and consequences as there are a multitude of things that can go wrong.

    Many people start living their life in a redundant manner since childhood. School is a good example of a routine life where we do things based of a timetable and we study subjects that have already been predetermined. We follow this same structure for an entire year with little to no change. This creates a bubble like environment where we feel we don’t have any control over our actions. We merely follow orders and strict code of conduct. This gets tiresome very quickly and some people start to result to extreme forms of freedom which is ultimately destructive.

    Early Childhood

    Freedom is Not Worth Having if it Does Not Include the Freedom to make Mistakes.

    -Mahatma Gandhi

    Most cases kids are brought up to live by a certain schedule due to daycares and preschools. This form of structured education is obviously important but it ends up instilling this constant need for direction in everyday life. Many daycares discourage creativity as they find it ends up causing more problems. If a kid was to express him/herself creativity then this would lead to a teacher having to constantly monitor and humor this specific kid but if all the kids were forced to do this same thing then this would highly decrease the level of management required.

    This mindset is what forms groups of individuals that are deprived of individuality. The implementation of a followers mentality is what locks kids in the constant loop to require directions in order to be a functional human being. They lose the ability to think for themselves and solve problems creativity. Guidance is very much needed for young kids but only to a certain extent. If all their actions end up being predetermined they will end up facing tremendous difficulties down the road.

    Teenage Life

    “Calling a child “rebellious” has the equivalent effect of calling a child that is struggling in school “stupid.” It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

    ― Tim Kimmel

    It is a known fact of life that teenagers love freedom and due to this fact of life, many parents choose to put heavy restraints to prevent it. There are many stigmas surrounding the life of a teen such as drugs, alcohol and sex, due to such stigmas many parents believe in prevention and so they tend to box their kids in as long as possible. Teenagers mainly get their source of freedom form school but even then teachers try to limit as much of their movement as possible. Having every aspect of freedom stripped away is very daunting and this is what causes rebellious behavior.

    Even if a teen doesn’t want to do something they do it just for the sense of accomplishment that they have beaten the system. They hate the constant sense of repetitiveness that their rationality has been blinded for good.Common sense plays no part as the main importance from that point onward is to prove everyone wrong and live a life for themselves even if it is a fucked up one. Not all teens live a self indulging life, those who grew up with gradual freedom don’t tend to leap into the extremes when given said freedom.

    Living a set lifestyle during teenage years might just be one of the greatest punishments considering the fact that this is the time most teens experiment and find their true passion. Unfortunately this need is suppressed and causing them to be photocopies of everyone else. Nobody has their own style but ends up following a socially acceptable trend to avoid conflict and ensure that they don’t stand out from the norm. This lack of creativity is why teens grow up to be stuck in a routine life that seems to last an eternity.


    “People never grow up, they just learn how to act in public.”
    ― Bryan White

    Most consider the adult life to be the true opportunity for freedom but what they don’t realize is that at this point they have already subconsciously drilled in a routine life in their minds. This causes most people to fear the idea of taking risks due to the change they will have to endure. They start getting comfortable with the life they are living and try to unknowingly replicate the life they have grown up with by getting a job in the same city or starting a venture in their home town.

    These may seem like independent decisions but in most cases they are willing to give up bigger opportunities in new places but ultimately justify their decisions in the back of their minds. The act of living in a routine isn’t a bad thing but as the years go by most people regret it but not much can be done at that point. The bigger risk, the bigger the reward. Risk is putting yourself in uncertain situations that may not be ideal for an individual but people try to hold out for a big pay out at the end of the day.

    Adults who grew up in a routine life try to replicate it and in most cases they successfully do so but the only flaw is the concept of living that life for eternity. Throughout their life they can only live with the thought with what might of been due to the fact that no form of risk was ever taken. An average lifestyle in most cases is as follows:

    • A 9 to 5 job
    • Financial stability
    • A poster family
    • A home to go back to
    • Routine day
    • Relative health

    All those things are what most people aspire for and in most cases living a routine life will ensure those elements for eternity. People who try to live on a tangent have to struggle to obtain such a life but in the end there is a a sense of fulfillment and joy that cannot be imagined or recreated.

    Life is just a collection of memories and its best to make them as unique as possible so they actually mean something at the end of the day.

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