The Evolution of Recreational Drug Culture

The recreational drug culture has definitely evolved over the years and there have been many societal and political issues surrounding the topic especially in modern times. With the discussions in regards to the legalization of marijuana, drug culture has reached an all time high with many choosing to embrace it.

Working From Home

Work culture as a concept has been the same since the 1840s which is when the office workstyle became the next big thing. Gone were the days of working on site and being in an unorganized environment to get the job done. People became more inclined to work in a safe space with the rulings of a management to ensure effectiveness and higher profits.

Body Positivity & Thin Privilege

Body positivity can be defined as a social movement to present the human body in a positive light. The movement advocates the acceptance of all bodies and it initially started in order to empower overweight women and men who may face insecurities in the modern world.

The Subtle Art of Minimalism

Minimalism is the ability to live a meaningful and fulfilling life by reducing materialistic possessions in the pursuit of happiness. Living with less is something so far removed from the reality we live in especially considering the struggles of the 21st century where we are spoiled with options.

Death By The Media

The media has come a long way over the years to the point where it plays a vital role in our daily life. Even since the very beginning, the media has brought forward many pressing issues and caused multiple questionable scenarios to crop up. With more forms of social media surfacing and garnering a large audience, it's no surprise that these platforms are being used in nonsensical ways.

The Prospects of Higher Education

Pursuing a higher education may be seen as a struggle for many as the difference between a high school education and a college education is much like night and day. The overall premise is the same which is to obtain an education but the means of doing so have drastically changed.