AI Generated Content is The Future of Media Consumption

    In a world filled with technological advancement, it is only a matter of time before the art of creation can be replicated through the use of AI. The future of content creation may just be revolutionized altogether and there are many new surprises to loo forward to due to the advancements in the filed of machine learning.

    Death By The Media

    The media has come a long way over the years to the point where it plays a vital role in our daily life. Even since the very beginning, the media has brought forward many pressing issues and caused multiple questionable scenarios to crop up. With more forms of social media surfacing and garnering a large audience, it's no surprise that these platforms are being used in nonsensical ways.

    The Science Behind OnlyFans

    There has been a huge surge in popularity when it comes to one particular platform on the internet and that platform is none other than OnlyFans. Many people ask the question as to how and why did the platform become so popular in such a short amount of time? There has to be some science or psychological reasoning that is the driving force behind such an outlandish concept that seems to appeal to the masses.

    Music Production

    Music production is often times overlooked due to the flashy nature of those who perform the song. There are far more miniscule aspects that go behind the music that is being produced today and it can even be argued that music producers play a fundamental role in comparison to the artists that perform them especially in the music scene of the 21st century.

    The Social Catastrophe

    Social media has become a daily necessity much like the air we breathe at this point. What was once a mindful creation has become mindless and almost robotic in a sense. The question is where did we go wrong?

    The Flip Phone Advancement

    Technology has advanced massively over the years and many people immediately think that advancement involves the creation of a new concept but the reality maybe old ideas with better implementation is the true future. This is the brutal truth when it comes to the smartphone industry as more flip/ fold able phones pop up on the market.

    Tik Tok Takeover

    Tik Tok is a new form of social media has taken over the masses with a huge demographic being contributed by young kids and teens. The platform was created by a software engineer by the name of Zhang Yiming and his net worth is estimated to be around $16.2 billion.

    Apple hits $2 trillion in value

    Having only been 2 years since hitting $1 trillion in value, Apple has returned yet again with an outstanding accomplishment that is recognized far beyond silicon valley. Apple is the first American company to have hit this milestone

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