The Complexities of Love

    Love has been one of the most complex terminologies to define. For centuries, philosophers have tried to study and understand this feeling to truly recognize the reason we love. Why has love become such an integral part of our lives and is this emotion truly valid or merely a figment of our imagination?

    The Narrative of Equality is Flawed

    The idea of equality today is far more complex than it was decades ago. The rise of new social movements has caused the definition...

    Outgrowing Boy Psychology and The Journey Into Manhood

    In the modern world, issues pertaining to manhood and toxic masculinity are brought up more and more. Many individuals choose to support notions such as 'overthrowing the patriarchy' due to current narratives that have been set. Studies related to manhood have actually been done for many decades and philosophers worldwide have observed this phenomenon as generations progress.

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    The Complexities of Love