Working From Home

    Work culture as a concept has been the same since the 1840s which is when the office workstyle became the next big thing. Gone were the days of working on site and being in an unorganized environment to get the job done. People became more inclined to work in a safe space with the rulings of a management to ensure effectiveness and higher profits.

    Body Positivity & Thin Privilege

    Body positivity can be defined as a social movement to present the human body in a positive light. The movement advocates the acceptance of all bodies and it initially started in order to empower overweight women and men who may face insecurities in the modern world.

    The Subtle Art of Minimalism

    Minimalism is the ability to live a meaningful and fulfilling life by reducing materialistic possessions in the pursuit of happiness. Living with less is something so far removed from the reality we live in especially considering the struggles of the 21st century where we are spoiled with options.

    Romanticizing Mental Illness

    Mental illness can be defined as health conditions involving changes in emotion, behavior, thinking or the combination of these. Discussions surrounding mental illness used to be taboo however now it has become far more normalized. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S. as of 2021.

    Students Working Part Time

    Given the current economical state of the world, it comes as no surprise that many students today hold part time jobs while studying in order to financially support themselves. Students today tend to be financially independent at the age of 18 as it has become a societal norm and an unwritten rule for those who seek success.

    Human Connection

    Humans evolved into social beings due to necessity but the question is how much do we truly require human connection? It is evident today that many people form social bonds yet they still feel empty and unsatisfied so clearly we as humans desire more than just a social presence. We have people to surround us but in most cases even that is merely a façade to be accepted by society

    Mental Health of Students

    Mental health is something that many people struggle to cope with due to its complexities but it should be something that we take more seriously. Every year the suicide rate is constantly rising and the main group that is being affected tends to be teens or college students.

    Ending It All

    Many people think of ending it all but we fail to understand the root cause of this problem. Without identifying the reason behind an issue it will be futile for us to tackle the problem head on.


    Life is such a complex word to define that at times I feel it is best left undefined. Somethings should remain a mystery and should be left open for judgement much like the terminology life. Everyone perceives life in a different way, some of us see it as a curse while others see it as a blessing.

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