The Prospects of Higher Education

    Pursuing a higher education may be seen as a struggle for many as the difference between a high school education and a college education is much like night and day. The overall premise is the same which is to obtain an education but the means of doing so have drastically changed.


    2020 has surely been an interesting year from start to finish. Many things have happened this year and each one managed to climb the ranks in the attempts to make 2020 unforgettable in the worst way possible. This year will surely go down in the history books as a historical period in which human incompetence really shined through.

    Students Working Part Time

    Given the current economical state of the world, it comes as no surprise that many students today hold part time jobs while studying in order to financially support themselves. Students today tend to be financially independent at the age of 18 as it has become a societal norm and an unwritten rule for those who seek success.

    The Political Spectrum

    The political spectrum presents a means in which we can understand political ideologies in a simple manner. A political spectrum is a system to characterize and classify different political positions in relation to one another.


    Capitalism is an economic system that limits the powers of the government but instead gives people and companies the power to make most decisions. Thus, capitalism has been defined as an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

    College Life

    College honestly can be considered the make or break moment of a student as it encompasses the real world elements of life with some level of security. Students live on campus independently with most aspects of freedom.

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